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US Vision

U.S. Vision, Inc. is a retailer of optical products and services licensed to operate within national and regional department stores and through a limited number of freestanding retail locations.

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Thought Leadership

My Top Takeaways from the HOW Interactive Design Conference

30 September 2014
I’ve worked in print for years, I deal with print every day, yet I still found the HOW Interactive Design Conference enlightening and fun. 
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Getting Reacquainted with the Importance of Great Design

15 August 2014
In today’s environment, tight budgets can tempt business owners and marketing professionals to limit their spending on graphic design. This is a mistake. Those who look beyond the cost and...
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Maintaining Enthusiasm - The Role of Internal Communication During Perfect's Transition

10 July 2014
Is your organization facing change? If so, it can often be difficult and sometimes unsettling for employers and employees. Cultural norms are challenged, roles and responsibilities shift and...
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