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US Vision

U.S. Vision, Inc. is a retailer of optical products and services licensed to operate within national and regional department stores and through a limited number of freestanding retail locations.

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Thought Leadership

Joe Olivo Shares His Thoughts On the Perfect Name Change

02 April 2014
On April 1, Perfect Printing officially changed its name to Perfect.  In this post, Joe Olivo shares his thoughts about the re-branding and the direction of the company.
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It's no joke, Perfect Printing has a new name!

01 April 2014
Effective April 1, Moorestown-based Perfect Printing is changing its name to Perfect to reflect the company’s new focus on providing clients comprehensive strategic communication solutions.
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List Hygiene and Direct Mail

26 February 2014
A good mailing list can make or break a direct mail campaign. Even the most creative design combined with a compelling offer cannot overcome targeting that misses the mark-or never get to the...
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